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Reply to Interview Invitation Email Sample – If you received an email inviting you for a job interview you should respond to this email, confirming your presence at the interview and thanking the opportunity given. Following the label, maintaining the formality can be a differentiating element in the recruitment process.


How to respond to an email confirming your presence in the interview


1. Read the email carefully

The first thing you should do is read the e-mail you received carefully. There may be specific instructions to confirm attendance at the interview. In this case, you should follow the step-by-step instructions.


2. Respond directly to e-mail

If there are no directions to follow you can respond directly to the received e-mail, without deleting the body of the message and the subject of the e-mail. Write your answer about the text of the email.


3. Keep the tone of the email

Your speech should be framed with the text of the email. A formal text must respond with a formal text. Start with words like “Dear”, “Dear” and “Dear”.

Confirm your presence at the interview on the date and at the time you refer or ask to change if it is not really possible at the time or date marked.

It may refer you waiting for the interview or a new contact with enthusiasm. Be objective, do not linger on the answer.


4. Thank the interview

Complete the email to thank the opportunity that is being granted with the conduct of the interview.

Write your name and your contacts (like your WhatsApp) at the end of the email.

Once you have confirmed your presence at the interview, it is time to prepare for the job interview.


Look This Reply to Interview Invitation Email Sample

Reply to Interview Invitation Email Sample


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