How Many Islamic Countries in the World

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How Many Islamic Countries in the World?

How Many Islamic Countries in the World

The World’s 4 Largest Muslim countries

The four largest Muslim countries in the world are located on the Asian continent and are they: Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Indonesia has about 202 million; Pakistan has about 174 million; India approximately 161 million and Bangladesh with about 145 million.

Contrary to what many of us can imagine any of these, which are the most populous Muslim countries in the world, they are in the Middle East. By these numbers, it is easy to realize that Islam has expanded beyond the borders of the Middle East and grown rapidly in Southeast Asia, the continent with the largest number of Muslims currently.

Therefore, we must call upon the Lord to raise workers prepared and willing to go and announce the gospel to the millions of Muslims who live in Asia today. For the preaching of the Gospel, the Lord Jesus reveals himself to these thousands of men and women who suffer without knowing him. Let us pray that the Muslims in Asia arrive at the good news about Christ and his salvation.

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