How to use the Motorcycle Clutch

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How to use the Motorcycle Clutch – You just bought a motorcycle and you have no idea how to use her clutch? The use of the clutch on a motorcycle is very important as it is necessary for the shifting of gears. It’s a bit disconcerting at first, however quickly you get used to it and it will become something easy.

How to use the Motorcycle Clutch


How to use the Motorcycle Clutch

  1. Hold the clutch down. The clutch will be a metal lever that comes out through the arms of the handlebars. You will need to tighten and hold this lever pressed when you turn on the bike and when you shift gears.
  2. Learn how to put the bike in neutral. While keeping the clutch engaged, lower the gears on the gear shift until it is no longer possible to decrease the gears. Go up a gear, and then this will be the dead end.
  3. Start the bike. This process will either be through the start button or the pedal, depending on the type of bike you have.
  4. Hold the driven clutch again and step on the gearshift once to engage the first clutch. You will notice a slight stride on the bike as you engage the gear.
  5. Release the clutch gradually and start to accelerate enough for the bike to start moving. This part is very important. After starting the engine and engaging the first gear, you must release the clutch at the correct time. If you let go too fast, then the bike will skip forward and probably will go out. If you release too slowly, the engine will make a lot of noise and will not leave the place. It is important that you dose the release just enough to start the movement.
  6. Listen to the engine to note the gear change time. When the engine needs more gears, you will hear increasing the turn, and you will begin to notice a typical chainsaw sound.
  7. Tighten the clutch, release the throttle a little, and go once. Once the bike has gained gear, release the clutch and accelerate immediately. When you are on the move, go from the first gear directly to the second, by jumping the neutral gear (neutral).


Tips & Warnings

  • The clutch must be engaged for shifting gears.
  • The marches of a motorcycle are, in this order: first, neutral, second, third, fourth and fifth.
  • By touching the shift lever with your toes up, you will pass a gear, and by touching it down, you will reduce a gear.

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