How to Make Fabric Necklaces

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How to Make Fabric Necklaces – For women who like to be fashionable, accessories are just as important as clothing. They complement the production and can turn a simple combination into elegant. Even more so if the accessory is chosen has a touch of personality.

Necklaces made of fabric flaps are on the rise. Besides making the look more cheerful and colorful, they are very easy to make. Just mix colors, prints, fabrics of different textures and increment with details. How about letting go of the imagination and making your own handmade necklace?

How to Make Fabric Necklaces
How to Make Fabric Necklaces


How to Make Fabric Necklaces

Separate flaps, scraps of fabric into strips. When choosing, mix different colors and prints to have a fun effect. Use soft fabrics such as cotton knit, suplex, jersey, and liganete. You can also separate some satin ribbons to complement the style of your necklace.

The elasticity of the fabrics allows you to play with the straps and make braids, knots and different moorings. One option is to mix different ways to join the flaps and make a necklace full of different details. And if you do not want to use only thread and needle to attach your fabric necklace, invest in chains and pins.

The details of the necklace can be applications of stones, pieces of wood, acrylic, metal or even fabric. Putting beads to make a pendant or to increase your necklace is also an interesting alternative. Another idea to make your necklace more personalized is to bet on the fuxicos – those small flowers made of sewn pieces, they give more charm to the necklaces and the smaller they are, the more delicate the result will be.


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