How to Defrost Car Windows without Heat

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How to Defrost Car Windows without Heat

Finding frost on the windshield of the car on a cold winter morning is quite difficult. Ice-driving on the glass is dangerous. But when there is no heat in the car to use the defogger, it’s even harder, because the hot air is needed to melt the ice on the outside of the glass. Fortunately, there are some proven ice-removal methods that do not require a heater.

How to Defrost Car Windows without Heat

Things you need

  • Defrosting Spray
  • Ice scraper
  • Rag
  • Portable Defogger


Icing Formula

  • Spray the window, inside and out with a thaw formula. These sprayers are available in most automobile shops and department stores. They melt the ice quickly and prevent it from forming on the windshield so easily.
  • After allowing the thaw to melt the ice, dragging an ice scraper across the surface of the windows until the ice is removed.
  • Clean any excess moisture in the interior with a cloth. Connect the windscreen wiper to clean the moisture outside the window. Do not use the cleaner spray because it freezes easily and can cause frost to accumulate again.


Portable Defroster

  • Connect a portable defroster on the cigarette lighter. These devices are sold for about us $50 in most automobile shops and are useful if the heater is broken.
  • Turn on the car to start the defroster.
  • Point the Defogger at the window. Hold it close and move it around the inner surface of the glass until the frost is gone.
  • Wipe the excess moisture from the inside with a cloth. Attach the windscreen wiper to clean the water outside the glass.
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