How to Clean Car Engine Without Water

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How to Clean Car Engine Without Water – Do you need to explain the title of this post? Our country faces the biggest drought period of all time. If you don’t save it, you’re going to miss it! And we talk about water, an essential element for human life. We can live days without food, but not many without water.

How to Clean Car Engine Without Water
How to Clean Car Engine Without Water

And how do we own automobile owners, can we contribute to saving water? Is that something so necessary? A car spends water in some ways, like the water we repo in the radiator or the windshield wiper reservoir.

But that’s when we wash it, and that’s part of the maintenance of our car, which uses a large volume of water. Some experts claim that a basic washing using a hose can spend more than 300 liters of water!

We’re not talking about washing the car with just a bucket of water, which would be a breakthrough. In this case, the result is not as efficient as the use of a carnauba wax-based product. We are talking about a method of washing your car using only a spray with little water (about 300 ml!). The end result is impressive, as we see in the video below.



It is a carnauba wax, a product that gives shine and protects the paint from the automobile. It is applied while spraying water with spray, facilitating the removal of dirt with a simple cloth. And amazingly: Even heavy dirt is removed with this technique, which has already become propaganda of the state of water and sewage of Minas Gerais as an example of water economy.

For those who like to preserve the environment, there is a beautiful ecological attitude. Even those who are not “lovers” of cars can use this post to encourage their friends.

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