Difference between Car and Motorcycle Oils

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Motorcycle Oil vs Car Oil – We know that both cars and motorcycles need lubricating oil to keep in full functioning, as it ensures protection, performance, and reduction of wear for both. Since this, we note that much of the owners of vehicles and other interested in the subject, has the following question: “Is there a difference between lubricant oils of cars and motorbikes?”. And to answer that question, the total lubricants bring your expertise to keep you on the subject.

Difference between Car and Motorcycle Oils

Lubricating oils are not equal, and each product features its specific characteristics that distinguish it from others. It can be noted that both motorcycle and car lubricating oils seem similar, but they have significant differences in their composition that determine the functioning and performance of the product when put into service.

The main difference between the two categories is in the viscosity of the product and the package of additives, which are formulated to meet the specificities of each model and the requirements of the assembler, in order to generate the best performance for the vehicle. Another important point to be taken into consideration is the fact that lubricant oils from the two categories be regulated by the same API, and that still does not make them similar, because lubricating motorcycle oils have a differentiated additive, since in most motorcycles the gearbox and the clutch participate in the lubrication system next to the engine. In this way, when we use a lubricant oil for one category of vehicle in another, we are using a product that will not meet the requirements necessary to achieve good performance, and may even damage the system.

The total lubricants emphasize the importance of using the lubricating oil specified in the Assembler’s handbook, as it meets the needs of the vehicle lubrication system, providing a good performance and the best way to ensure the desired performance.

Now that you know the differences between the lubricants, know the products for cars and motorcycles of the total quartz and elf lines, and keep your car or your motorcycle in full functioning with the lubricants that have the best-proven quality.

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